Children as young as 3 being treated in South Australian gender clinics

An urgent nationwide inquiry is required into gender clinic practices in Australia. Children as young as 3-years-old are being treated for gender identity issues in South Australia

The Women’s and Children Hospital reported three children aged between three and five years old were seen by its services between March 2022 and March 2024.

A total of 285 children under the age of 18 were seen by the same clinic over this period, including 80 of them aged between six and 10 years old.

SA Health Minister Chris Picton recently released the figures to independent MP Frank Pangallo after he asked a question without notice in parliament earlier this year.

The hospital said on its website, children referred to the gender diversity team were given mental health support.

They are referred for further medical treatments, such as puberty suppression and gender-affirming hormones, if necessary.

3-year-olds cannot be left alone unsupervised, most pretend to be animals or spend all day in a fantasy world of imagination and many even take daytime naps. 

6-10 year olds are not allowed to cross the road without a lollipop person directing traffic, can’t live independently of adults, make healthy food choices or be trusted to brush their teeth twice a day.

10-16 year olds cannot drive a car, get married, get a tattoo or drink alcohol because common sense and science all dictate that a child’s brain is not fully developed and those things are dangerous to a growing mind and body.

Yet some parents, medical practitioners and politicians seem to think it is appropriate to set them on a lifelong pathway of medical interventions based on the lie they can change their sex. Children can be rendered sterile, without sexual function and faced with devastating medical consequences as evidenced by research and reports such as the comprehensive Cass Review, yet most Australian politicians are ignoring the facts and continuing to legislate lies.

Thankfully some politicians are seeing the writing on the wall and are calling for evidence-based research and inquiries into gender clinics.

Pangallo questioned whether youth under the age of 18 could make “life-changing decisions” to change their gender.

He’s been calling for a parliamentary inquiry into gender dysphoria, that did not receive the support of Labor or The Greens when it was proposed earlier this year.

Pangallo is concerned that some medical practitioners may be too quick to support gender transitions of young people without investigating whether there are other reasons leading to their gender dysphoria.

“The concerns are whether it’s best practice and whether what’s happening in these gender clinics is in the best interest of young people,” Pangallo said.

“Members of the left of the Labor Party are resisting calls for an independent review into the practices and guidelines of gender clinics in this country and in the state when this is happening worldwide.

“This is about child protection and whether they are receiving the best treatment.”