Catholic College imposes transgender lie on Victorian community

Mazenod College in Victoria is actively denying science and rejecting the truth. The Catholic Boys College is welcoming back a male teacher as a woman, insisting all staff, students and community members need to comply.

In a letter to the parents, Principal Dr Paul Shannon defies logic by insisting that all involved with the school participate in the lie that a man is now a woman.

It is an outright lie to suggest a man can become a woman.

Catholic teaching affirms the same truth that science does, there is male and there is female. No one can change their sex. It is impossible. It is written on every cell in your body.

A man who claims he feels like a woman is simply appropriating stereotypes. How on earth can a man feel like something he is not. Can he feel like a tree? A cat? A dolphin? No he can only pretend. He can say he feels like a woman but he will never know what it is to be a woman.

Mazenod College is not only denying science, it is imposing a lie on their school community and expecting everyone to go along with it.

What message does it send to young boys who are in the precious stages of forming their identity? Is a woman simply a feeling, a stereotype, a caricature that can be appropriated with costumes, drugs and surgery?

How very offensive and deceptive.

The position this school has taken is anti-science.