Canadian Prime Minister makes a mockery of women

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has come out swinging against all science-believing, reality-adhering men and women on International Women’s Day. He aggressively tweeted his support for males who appropriate female stereotypes, condemning anyone who disagrees with him as hateful.

When women and girls are empowered, entire families, communities, and societies succeed. So today, as we mark #IWD2023 and celebrate the incredible women and girls in our lives, let’s keep working to build a more equal and equitable future. 

And with a disturbing rise in anti-transgender hate here in Canada and around the world recently, I want to be very clear about one more thing: Trans women are women. We will always stand up to this hate – whenever and wherever it occurs.

The PM has been photographed many times over the years in blackface, mocking stereotypes of black people. Now he is unapologetic in his support of men in “womanface”, those who don a costume and make a mockery of women.

Binary spokeswoman Kirralie Smith said he appears to have no shame in telling lies.

“The Canadian Prime Minister has tweeted a bold-faced lie and insists we all lie to appease the feelings of men who wish they were women. It is offensive and dangerous.

“He is a powerful man forcing others to accept this lie which puts women and girls in harm's way. It comes across as pure misogyny.”

Ms Smith said only men can be transwomen.

“There would be no need to use the term ‘transwoman’ if they were women, the word ‘woman’ would suffice,” she said.

“But it doesn’t. There are no subsets of women. Women are adult human females, we are not a costume, drug or surgical procedure.”