Canadian powerlifter faces 2-year ban for opposing males in female competition

Canadian professional powerlifter April Hutchinson could be facing a two-year suspension for opposing males in female competitions in Canada. She has been outspoken about the unfair reality of allowing males to appropriate womanhood to compete. The unfair policy has already seen male lifter, Ann Andres, smash the women’s record by a staggering 210 kgs!

“BREAKING: I now face a 2-year ban by the CPU for speaking publicly about the unfairness of biological males being allowed to taunt female competitors & loot their winnings. Apparently, I have failed in my gender-role duties as ‘supporting actress’ in the horror show that is my #sport right now. Naturally, the CPU deemed MY written (private) complaint of the male bullying to be ‘frivolous and vexatious,'” Hutchinson said in a post on social media

Hutchinson posted a part of the warning letter to X (formerly known as Twitter). 

April also tweeted: 

This... Even though a 13-page letter was sent to the CPU in October thoroughly debunking all accusations. Obviously, someone had to pay the price for the IPF forcing CPU to be more female-friendly. Let this be a lesson to all female athletes to shut-up and put-up with #SexDiscrimination. In truth, my fight does not stop here. 

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The outcry was immediate and strong. It is incredibly outrageous that a sport which relies on strength and power would create an environment to harm women’s opportunities to participate and succeed.

Dr Christine Lilge, who had been present at a protest regarding the policy, warned legal action would come and they would take it all the way to the highest courts in Canada. She said it would not end well and that the decision was a “mistake.”

In Australia, Binary has been told that women have been threatened with similar sanctions, bans and fines if they oppose males in their female divisions.

I am facing several court cases for “misgendering” males in female sport by referring to them as male.

This is a crucial moment for women’s sport around the world. 

It is now up to athletes, parents, coaches and officials to draw a line in the sand and say no. 

Trans identified athletes can compete in their biological category, or a mixed or open division. 

Women’s sport is for females only. 

That is the only fair, safe and reasonable solution.