Canadian nurse accused of transphobia takes the stand

Canadian nurse Amy Hamm, has taken the stand in the ongoing investigation against her for making “derogatory and discriminatory” public statements about transgender people. The B.C. College of Nurses and Midwives are conducting the trial.

“I'm not transphobic. I don't have any issue with trans people — it's the infringement on women and children's rights,” Hamm told the college disciplinary panel.

She said she is fighting against what she described as a “fringe” movement of activists influencing official positions on transgender rights and access to gender-affirming care.

“It's a movement that is infringing on the rights of women and pushing institutions to adopt what are false and delusional beliefs,” she said.

The college is upset she has been advocating for women’s sex-based rights while publicising the fact she is a nurse. Hamm refuses to refer to transwomen as women, always calling them male or men. The nurse claims the investigation is akin to a “witch trial”:

She told the panel she is particularly concerned about transgender women having access to women-only spaces including prisons and change rooms. She pointed to examples like Madilyn Harks, a transgender woman with a history of sexually assaulting young girls who has been housed in women's correctional facilities.

“It makes me extremely, extremely angry, and it feels as though people don't seem to care what happens to these women,” she said of female inmates.

She said she completely rejects the concept of gender identity, calling it “anti-scientific, metaphysical nonsense.”

Nonetheless, Hamm told the panel that she always uses people's preferred pronouns at work, because that is her employer's policy.

“Whether or not I agree with certain policies, I limit my advocacy for changing policies to outside of work,” she said.

After testifying Hamm posted these comments to X, formerly known as Twitter.

It is incredible that in 2023, a nurse has to defend scientific, evidence-based facts. Medicine should rely on evidence-based science, not bow to the whims and feelings of activists who deny reality and reject biological science.

Amy Hamm, and every other person on the planet, ought to be able to speak the truth and declare biological reality without fear of penalty.