Canadian female boxer refuses to compete against a male

Unbelievably, Canada tried to pit a female boxer against a male boxer who appropriates female stereotypes in the 2023 Provincial Golden Glove Championship in Quebec.

Dr. Katia Bissonnette of Saguenay withdrew against Mya Walmsley after discovering he was in fact male, just one hour before the fight was due to begin:

“I came down from my hotel room to head towards the room where all the boxers were warming up. My coach suddenly took me aside and told me he received information by text message, which he had then validated, that my opponent was not a woman by birth. We did not have any other additional information,” she says.

While information on Walmsley is limited, Bissonnette says he has absolutely no history fighting against women in Canadian tournaments, suggesting his identification into women’s sport was recent. Walmsley is originally from Australia, but moved to Canada around 2 years ago to attend Concordia University.

“[Walmsley] would have boxed as a man in Australia,” Bissonnette says. “In Quebec, on his file, it is mentioned that he had 0 fights as a woman.”

Walmsley was upset by his opponent’s withdrawal and claims she “outed” him.  He played the victim card despite being a political activist on the university campus he attends. He argued “the best policy for gender self-identification in sport was for athletes to “trust” each other, and defer to coaches and policies in assumption that matches were made fairly.”

How ridiculous! That is not fair or safe. There is a female division for a reason, that is to ensure fairness and safety.

Walmsley won by default as they couldn’t find anyone else to fight him.

The Quebec Boxing Federation knew Walmsley was a male.

They decided to pit him against a female regardless of the risk to Bissonnette’s safety.

“According to a study, a male blow has 163% more impact than a women’s, even adjusted for weight,” she says, referring to a 2020 study on strength published by researchers at the University of Utah. “In the group studied, the weakest man remains physically superior to the strongest woman.” 

“Women shouldn’t have to bear the physical and psychological risks brought by a man’s decisions regarding his personal life and identity,” she continues. “There should be two categories: biological male and female.”

It is absolutely incredible that boxing officials feel it is appropriate and justified to put women at risk for the sake of the transgender ideological agenda. Either women must refuse to compete as Bissonnette did, or someone is going to be seriously injured or killed.