Brilliant maiden speech has Dan Andrews fuming

Daniel Andrews didn’t even bother to listen to Moira Deeming’s maiden speech in the Victorian state parliament.

Yet he arrogantly commented on it, trying to paint her as an extremist despite the speech being outstanding, measured and factual.

The Premier displayed a brazenly misogynistic attitude in boasting he had no interest in what the female MP had to say.

“I didn’t hear her speech, I’m almost certain I won’t read it and almost equally certain that the member of parliament would love nothing more than me to be talking about her on the backdoor of parliament to try and push forward and propagate an agenda,” he said. 

Mr Andrews went on to say Ms Deeming’s stance wasn’t an “example of the best of” Victorians.

The newly elected member for the Western Metro area simply addressed the issue of males being granted access to female spaces and services if they claim to be women.

Deeming called for sex-based rights to be reinstated.

She also went on to say “what most women would consider to be sexual harassment and indecent exposure is now legal in Victoria”.

“Surely there must be ways to ensure the safety and dignity of trans people which do not trample on the rights of women and girls,” she said.

Ms Deeming also took aim at efforts to widen Victoria’s laws on sex work, saying “human newborn babies and children up to 18 months of age are allowed on the premises” of brothels.

Previously a teacher, Ms Deeming spoke with authority drawing on her experience in the Victorian education system.

“Perfectly reasonable moral and religious differences were being reframed as discriminatory and intolerant, and a new vocabulary was introduced categorising people as allies or enemies,” she said.

Binary spokeswoman Kirralie Smith said the speech was worth watching.

“Moira Deeming spoke with dignity, humour and directness,” she said.

“She addressed issues that many parents, women and Victorians are concerned about.

“It is unreasonable that people are being forced to accept the lie that someone can change their sex.

“It is unreasonable to force women to accept men in their spaces and services.

“The Premier disregarded Moira Deeming, an elected member of Parliament, and the concerns of thousands of Victorians.

“His obnoxious attitude toward women and our valid concerns is shameful.”

You can watch Moira Deeming’s maiden speech here.