Boris gets it

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has reaffirmed his support of FINA's ruling that athletes who have gone through male puberty should not compete in women's events. There are also calls for other sports to do the same.

Culture Secretary Nadine Dorries will on Tuesday hold a meeting with leaders of other sports bodies to make it 'crystal clear' she wants them to follow the move.

Asked about FINA's ban, Mr Johnson said: 'I haven't studied it in detail but I see no reason to dissent.'

When asked if a woman can be born with a penis he chose to go with biology rather than ideology.

'Not without being a man, that's my view about that,' the Prime Minister replied.

The PM was also asked if he thinks there is a difference between being a woman and a trans woman.

After pausing to think, he said: 'Yes.' 

He added: 'Look it's very, very important that as a society we should be as understanding of everybody else as possible. I've always stood for that.

'When you start to move from issues of sexuality to issues of gender you start to raise particular problems. 

'I think I've spoken of three concerns I've had in the past. They are to do with the age at which you can (become) Gillick competent to transition, the question of safe spaces for women, and the difficulties you have in sporting competitions.

'These are all very difficult problems and you have to be very, very sensitive.'

Binary spokeswoman, Kirralie Smith, commended the UK PM on his response.

“Common sense and decency demand respect for biological differences. There are separate categories in sport because the differences exist,” she said.

“Respecting the biological differences protects females in many areas of society that are necessary and beneficial for all.

“The Prime Minister’s response is reasonable and ensures all people are treated with respect in this discussion.”