Biological sex is the standard for service

The US Defence Force has implemented new rules for transgenders in service.

According to The New York Times, "The Defense Department, after months of litigation and controversy over the issue, is establishing a new policy for transgender troops: They can enlist and serve, but only if they stick to their biological sex. No transitioning allowed."

There is an exemption for those who are serving and have already transitioned or are in the process of doing so.

The article reads, "They will not be allowed to serve if they have a diagnosis of gender dysphoria, a disorder in which a person’s gender identity does not match their physical gender at birth."

This diagnosis has been added to the list of other medical conditions that prevent applicants from serving, such as asthma and heel spurs.

Kirralie Smith, the spokeswoman for Binary, said this was a reasonable move. “Serving in a nation’s defence force is unique. It requires elite, healthy, physically and mentally strong people. They must be capable of carrying out duties that are not required in other careers,” Smith noted.

“This is a sensible decision by the US. The criteria must be strict for the safety of the service men and women, and for the security of the nation. All medical issues that impede on those abilities must be prevented,” she said.