Binary spokeswoman announced as Mother of the Year 2023

I was blown away on Tuesday when Family Voice Australia announced I was the 2023 Mother of the Year!

What a great honour and privilege.

There is no role I value more than being a wife and mother.

Greg and I celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary last month and our three children, along with our three foster children who are now all adults, are a true reward for us every day.

I acknowledge there are far more worthy mothers than I that this award could go to. I honour each and every mother who loves and sacrifices so much for her children. 

I count it a special and serious privilege to advocate for women and children in this country. I am 100% committed to ensuring safeguarding for women, parental rights and child protection remain front and centre in national conversations about gender ideology in this country.

I am humbled and encouraged by this award and I am determined to never back down as I stand with you for truth, biological reality, sex-based rights and the protection of our children.

You can watch the announcement and interview here:

Kirralie Smith Awarded 2023 Australian Mother of the Year - Vision Christian Media