Binary’s Kirralie Smith at ‘Why can’t women talk about sex?’

How absurd that we even have to hold an event to speak about the importance of biological sex!

How absurd that all of the women you will hear from today have been penalised in some way for doing just that. How absurd that a bunch of men, and their friends, are out there on the street screaming obscenities demanding to be accepted as women.

They scream “transphobia” because we simply want to protect female spaces and services. Why don’t they fight for trans spaces? Why do they have to colonise women’s spaces?

I am not allowed to share the details of why the police came to my home and issued me with papers to appear in court. I am forbidden to speak about the details of identifying males playing sport in female divisions in this state. I am being penalised for defending the reality and nature of biological sex in sport.

We all know no one can change their sex.

Men cannot become women.

Women cannot become men.

No one can change their DNA, their chromosomes, their reproductive systems, their pelvic bone shape, their skeletal frame, and countless other things that determine the differences between males and females.

But the law in this country now errs on the side of calling this hate speech and incitement to violence. For stating biological facts. Feelings, especially the feelings of men, seem to be more protected than the sex-based rights of women.

Some politicians, the media, the police and trans activists insist that we, especially women, endorse the lie that men can now be women. These men insist on having access to female-only spaces and services because of their ‘feelings’, completely disregarding our feelings and why these female-only spaces and services were established in the first place.

I will not lie.

Truth matters.

Regardless of how captured anyone else is, I will not bow down on that altar of lies.

Not one police officer, judge, politician, journalist or medical practitioner can ever prove a male has become a female. All they can do is appropriate stereotypes and use brute force, threats or intimidation to try and force us to accept the lie.

I will not. I will not lie, I will not buy the lie, I will not surrender to the lie.

Lying is unkind. It is not kind to affirm lies. We don’t affirm eating disorders, depression, or suicidal ideation.

Women are being forced to sacrifice their spots on sporting teams, podiums, and hand over prize money to males who feel entitled to our spaces and services.

Around the world we are seeing males take the top spots in athletics, swimming, cycling, soccer, even fishing.

No one is saying these male bodied athletes can’t compete in sport. No one is trying to exclude them from sport – that is a furphy, a lie, part of the deceptive narrative that we are being sold. These male bodied athletes – regardless of whether it is at community or elite level – can compete in the male divisions, mixed competitions or open categories. But they are not content with all of those options – they desire to colonise women’s sport as well!

Peak sporting bodies in Australia threaten to sanction girls and women who oppose their transgender policies. They refuse to listen to complaints and only consult trans groups when it comes to forming policy.

Right now in Australia women and girls are suffering because they are being bullied into silence. They are not allowed to talk about sex for fear of losing their jobs, their positions and their reputations.

Penalising me and the other women here today sends a strong message to females in this country – sit down, be quiet and go with the narrative – or else.

Women in prisons, rape crises shelters, change rooms and places of learning are being forced to accept males in their spaces and are threatened with penalties if they object.

Well, I object. I will not be intimidated or bullied into silence. I will stand up, speak out and fight for the right to talk about sex. I am proud to stand with these women today and talk about the importance of biological sex.

This is not a left or right political issue. This is not about your ethnicity, your social status or your religious views. This is simply about biology. Reality.

Sex is binary – male and female and that’s all folks.