Binary Poll: Australians want protections for women’s sports

A massive majority of Australians want the federal government to legislate protections for women’s and girls’ sport, according to a new poll commissioned by Binary

As covered in The Daily Telegraph, voters from across the political spectrum feel so strongly on the issue of transgender athletes, they’re prepared to change their vote if their chosen party won’t support women’s right to their own sports.

Binary recently conducted a nationally-weighted poll of 1500 Australians sampled from across all the states and territories and the results should serve as a warning call for politicians ahead of the federal election.

The poll asked these key questions:

  1. Do you think that transwomen (biological males) should be able to compete against biological women in sport?
  2. Should there be legal protections in place to protect women playing women’s sport from being forced to compete against transwomen (biological males)?
  3. Would you be more likely to vote for a political party which promises to introduce legislation to protect female-only sports, and single-sex facilities?

The results are clear:

  1. 67 per cent of Australians do not believe that biological males and females should be able to compete together in sport.
  2. 75 per cent of Australians believe that there should be legal protections for girls sport in place.
  3. 62 per cent are more likely to vote for a party that promises to legislate these protections.

This is massive news. These results prove that it’s only a small number of left-wing activists who are pushing the trans agenda in sport. The majority of Australians want fairness in sport over supposed inclusivity.

Katherine Deves, co-founder of Save Women’s Sport Australasia, says polling conducted in the UK, Ireland, Canada and US had similar results.

“The overwhelming majority of Australians clearly recognise that the fundamental principles for sport of fair competition and player safety should apply to women and girls, and that our right to play sport fairly and safely should not be sacrificed at the altar of a controversial and extreme ideological position,” she said.

“Ninety six per cent of female business leaders and CEOs in the USA have a competitive sports background, so every time a male exploits the opportunity to take up space in female competitions and teams, he is depriving those young women of the opportunity to excel in life.”

Kirralie Smith, Binary spokeswoman, said this should be a wake up call for politicians.

“It is clear that the majority of Australians want to see protections for women in sport,” she said.

“Both Liberal and Labor voters feel strongly that women deserve protection in sport.

“We have separate sporting categories for males and females because there are scientific, evidence-based differences between men and women.”