Beer brand makes mockery of womanhood

Dylan Mulvaney is gaining notoriety by the day. He now claims to have been a girl for a bit over 365 days and has snapped up coveted sponsorship deals with giants such as Nike and Bud Light. He has even been the face of Tampax Tampons and make-up companies.

Mulvaney has been trying to extend his 15 minutes of fame on TikTok, transitioning from a flamboyant gay man to a man who calls himself a ‘girl’.

He has appeared on the Drew Barrymore Show and made headlines around the world for the way he attempts to gaslight society into accepting him as female.

He wears skimpy clothing, prances around the screen and carries on with a high-pitched squeal that does little to convince anyone he is anything other than a man playing dress-ups.

Recently he underwent facial surgery in an attempt to appear more feminine.

Reality bites though as “go woke, go broke” has become a reality for Bud Light and their parent company Anheuser Busch. They put Mulvaney’s face on a beer can, completely misreading the room! The backlash has been swift and severe. Bud Light’s main consumers are typically sports loving men.

There have been media reports that Bud Light’s parent company has lost anywhere between three and seven seven billion dollars so far!

Forgiato Blow and Stoney Dudebro also released a song called Fock Bud Light that rocketed up the charts on Apple iTunes just eight hours after its release.

Making a mockery of women doesn’t pay in the end.

Attempting to convince people to buy the lie that a man can be a woman is insulting and ridiculous.

Mulvaney might claim to have been a girl for over 365 days but it’s just not true.

I have been female for over 18,800 days. I have had three children and birthed another straight into the arms of heaven. No bloke on earth will ever compare to me or the billions of other women on the planet who deserve respect, protection, dignity and honour simply because we are true girls and women.