Autistic man dies after ‘sex reassignment’ surgery

Read this tragic and harrowing account of a male who recently died after complications from ‘sex-reassignment’ surgery.

Every parent, every teen who is being sold the lie that a person can change their sex should be fully informed about the catastrophic effects of messing with the biological realities of chromosomes, reproductive systems and genitals.

This is simply heartbreaking, and completely avoidable. If only this young person had been told the truth before embarking on a pathway based on lies and deception.

Here is an excerpt from a post by ‘Billboard Chris’, a father who campaigns to expose the terrible cost of gender ideology.

I have just learned that this young autistic man died after suffering major complications with his sex reassignment surgery.

“I have a gaping hole in my genital area with my colon spilling out (disgusting) and a ring of scar tissue blocking most of the entrance. If the colon can't discharge, that leaves it with severe blockage, which then could turn (and likely expected) into blood clots, followed by death. I've already reached the stage of blockage.

“What hurts me the most is the loneliness and the inability to find a partner. I can't have a normal sex life. I'm a loser and I probably deserve this deception. This is what I get for messing with nature. Mankind is destructive and I self-destructed. I just wanted friendship and love. I wanted life to be easier. I wanted to be a woman since I was 15. I wish I had the knowledge that I have today. I was a confused kid with no identity. I wish I could have done everything different, but it's too late now. I'm royally screwed.”

RIP, Yarden. I’m terribly sorry our society and the adults who should know better failed you. Gender ideology is the root of this evil, and we are going to eliminate it.

@WomenAreReals discovered this terrible news after looking into the doctors exposed in The WPATH Files.