Australian Senators block investigation into medical experiments on children

Labor, Greens and some Coalition senators have disgracefully opposed a motion to investigate experimental medical procedures on children.

Despite increasing evidence that children are suffering irreversible harm in the name of gender ideology, despite the fact countries such as the UK, Sweden, Finland and many states in the USA have banned the use of puberty blockers on children, despite the fact an increasing number of lawsuits are being filed due to such harm, a large contingent of Australian politicians are choosing to turn a blind eye.

Maybe it is because they simply want to oppose anything Pauline Hanson puts forward, or perhaps, even worse, they choose to be complicit in what is turning out to be one of the largest medical scandals in history.

Hanson’s motion was to simply investigate the censorship of medical practitioners highlighting the pitfalls of putting children on puberty blockers and determine whether or not the current practices are the most suitable for gender confused children.

Puberty blockers are being used off-label and do cause irreversible damage to children. Some of the drugs being prescribed are chemical castration drugs used on violent sex offenders. Some of the drugs cause sterility, resulting in zero sexual function, brain and bone development issues. Yet they are being given to children who cannot possibly consent or understand the long-term consequences.

Why are these Australian senators so opposed to investigating the best course of action for these children? Why are they for the experimental use of drugs on children? Why are they okay with medical experts being censored for raising concerns?

It is no wonder so many voters feel politically homeless when people like this refuse to step in and investigate experimental medicine on children.

Hanson issued a press release that contained a scathing appraisal of those who voted no, claiming they do not represent the people who voted for them and that “They are representing an ideology that harms children in a perverted attempt to remake the human species.”