Australian parents share alarming stories of trans activism in schools

The media is finally taking the concerns of parents and teachers seriously when it comes to gender ideology being imposed on students without parental knowledge or consent.

Over the weekend the Australian published two articles on the back of the Courier Mail’s article that was published last week

Parents have been contacting Binary for years expressing their concerns and horror stories. Activists within many Australian schools have been grooming children into gender ideology behind their parent’s backs. 

Staff who are not trained in psychology or medicine have been “socially” transitioning children by encouraging them to change names, dress in opposite sex uniforms and demand certain pronouns. This often leads to a division in families and usually the child progresses to other stages of transitioning.

Staff and parents have feared speaking out due to the aggressive nature of trans activists who threaten and bully opposition into silence. Despite the threats, some are starting to share their stories and are finally being heard.

Regarding activists in schools, one teacher told the Australian:

“These are people that spend half of their life going to courses with external agencies, trans activist groups … they flood the school with posters, and tell the librarian what books to buy, and all the teachers defer to them.”

Parents of 12-13 year old students from Northcote High School in Melbourne said the “wellbeing team” was pushing the ideology onto their children via secret emails:

“The wellbeing team have created a survey for students who would like to be  known as a different name, gender or use different pronouns,” said the email, of which parents had no knowledge.

“If this is something you’ve been thinking about, or if you’re one of the many students we have already supported with gender affirmation, please click here.

“Please note that if you choose to fill this out, your information will be private and we will not out you! We would just like to organise a time to chat and help you navigate what happens next.”

One teacher noted it is always children who are struggling with other issues that are vulnerable to the activism, never children who are thriving:

“When another kid declares they are transitioning, it’s never a kid who is clearly thriving, who doesn’t have any other problems. Even teachers who believe in gender identity can now see it is just not good for kids, that the kids are not OK.”

This is the anecdotal evidence that Binary also receives and has been confirmed by several studies. Children who have autism, trauma, depression or other mental health issues are the most likely to seek to identify as something other than what they are.

The stories of families reported in the Australian also confirm this.

The mother of a girl who identifies as Jack, shared their story. Jack said when entering high school all the kids were talking about gender and watching a lot of videos on social media about transitioning. The fact Jack was only 12 years old, autistic and experiencing fear of puberty was not considered. 

“I was sold this lie that if I became a medical patient for life, I’ll be happy,” Jack said.

I think from the get go if I had been given help for the underlying issues, like the causes of my dysphoria, the things that were really behind it, if they didn’t let it get this bad, if I was basically taught not to hate myself, I wouldn’t be in this situation.”

Other parents spoke about their daughters who feared and despised the onset of puberty. The girls have gone on to take puberty blockers and cross sex hormones but are now overweight, depressed and alienated from family and friends. 

One parent asked, “Are we talking about gender dysphoria or body dysmorphia?” She emphasised the erasure of biological sex in favour of gender ideology.

Another parent wrote to her daughter’s school telling them they were undermining the parent’s efforts to support their own child. Several girls from the school had also recently begun identifying as the opposite sex.

“The gender affirmation you may believe is a positive step is not helping our child resolve what is actually happening and it is undermining our effort to assist her in critically evaluating her rapid onset of gender dysphoria.”

This is becoming an increasingly disturbing issue in Australian schools. Activist staff are pitted against concerned parents, with children suffering in the process.

Convincing a child their problems will disappear if they appropriate stereotypes of the opposite sex is an outright lie. No one can change sex. The children who suffer with their identity have other underlying issues that must be explored and resolved. Pretending to be something they are not compounds the problems, it does not resolve them.

Binary has been calling for a Royal Commission into gender clinics and the practices that lead an increasing number of children down a dangerous and irreversible pathway. You can join the campaign here. We must act before more children are irreversibly harmed in the name of gender ideology.

It must also be noted that the push to deem children as “mature minors” for the purpose of changing sex sets a dangerous precedent. For if a child is a “mature minor” and is able to consent to changing sex, why won’t some activists push for children to be able to consent to having sex?