Australian Lifesaving targets children with sexual ideology

Australian Lifesaving is targeting children with sexualised content.

It is encouraging clubs around the nation to partake in Pride events with suggestions that Little Nippers should be encouraged to support sexual orientations and sexual identities.

With over 100 Pride Boards now making their way to clubs across Australia and World Pride coming to Sydney in 2023, many clubs are planning celebrations during season 2022/23.  Feel free to choose a date that works for you, and start with a morning patrol to kick it off.  We’ve suggested clubs celebrate on the weekend of 18-19 Feb 2023, or 25-25 Feb to capitalise on the Mardi Gras parade on 25 Feb, but again, chose a date that works for you.  

Plan some simple activities, ask the surf boat crew to wear colourful rash tops, the surfski folk to get some images of their coloured skis in a rainbow, give the nippers coloured zinc, maybe activate a patrol by simply adding some rainbow colours to their patrol uniforms.

Binary spokeswoman Kirralie Smith said children should not be used in Pride propaganda.

“Pride is an adult ideology that revolves around sex; sexual orientations and sexual identities,” she said.

“Adults can make their own choices. Children do not need to be groomed or coerced into partaking in a festival that is completely centred around sex and lies.

“Sex is for adults only. Sexual identities such as transgender are based on lies, no one can change their sex. Leave children alone.

“Let kids be kids and stop trying to rope them into sexual ideology based on lies.”