Australian Let Women Speak Tour

Let Women Speak events are coming to Australia in March. UK feminist and activist Kellie-Jay Keen aka Posie Parker, will be touring the nation, hosting public events to discuss bad transgender laws and policy.

Keen started the events in the UK and has since toured other nations including the USA.

All are welcome and anyone can speak.

At Standing for Women we foster a community in which all women feel empowered to speak.  We achieve this through our free speech events, they are free to attend.

​All Speakers' Corner and Let Women Speak events are held in outdoor public places. Places are chosen so that they are as accessible as possible and not far from public transport.

​There are no tickets, anyone can turn up and anyone can speak (but we ask that men wait until the end). You can speak about whatever you like, these are free speech events, as long as what you want to say is legal.

The events are attended by men and women from all backgrounds who want to protect and promote biological reality. Women’s sex-based rights must be upheld for a safe, dignified and fair society to function.

Women who share come from all along the political spectrum, ethnic backgrounds, socio-economic backgrounds; from all faiths an none. What unites is that women are adult human females – not a costume, not a feeling or a drug to be dependent on.

The locations and times are yet to be announced but please mark down the dates on your calendar.


Australia and New Zealand Let Women Speak Tour

(exact times and locations TBC)

Sydney - Saturday 11th March

Brisbane - Sunday 12th March

Perth - Tuesday 14th March

Adelaide - Thursday 16th March

Melbourne - Saturday 18th March

Hobart - Tuesday 21st March

Canberra - Thursday 23rd March

Auckland - Saturday 25th March

Christchurch - Sunday 26th March