Australian Human Rights Commission’s bias on full display

The Australian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) has called for submissions regarding current and emerging threats to transgender human rights.

The Australian Human Rights Commission is conducting a national project mapping threats to trans and gender diverse (TGD) human rights in Australia. 

The project aims to map current and emerging threats to TGD human rights, such as actions, circumstances, events, forces, groups, situations, trends, and other phenomena that endanger or violate TGD human rights.

We are seeking input from individuals and civil society organisations (CSOs) with relevant background, expertise and lived experience in issues impacting TGD people through a submission process.

Areas under investigation include but are not limited to:  

Anti-trans mobilisation, dis- and misinformation, and extremism and radicalisation 

Education, employment, healthcare, housing, migration, service provision and the law 

Non-personal information relating to anti-TGD abuse, discrimination, harassment, vilification and violence 

This is a biased attempt to smear anyone like you and me as “anti-trans” and to label truth speak as hate-speech.

The most alarming aspect is that they will not be accepting submissions from everyday Australians, or the 12 million women and girls, that are directly impacted by gender identity ideology in this country.

They will only be accepting submissions from trans activists and they have already concluded that anything you or I say, regardless of how evidence-based or scientific it is, is hateful and destructive.

The AHRC is a tax-payer funded activist machine that is making no attempt to hide its bias and use its bureaucratic power against us.

I implore you to listen to (or read) every single word Senator Claire Chandler spoke on this issue in the senate. She addresses our concerns brilliantly.

Watch the speech here.

Read the transcript here:

“The extremist idea that males should be able to identify into what were previously single sex, women's sports or spaces has never been able to stand up on its own merits.

The idea that a male sex offender should be able to identify into a women's prison, or male athlete into a women's sport is so obviously absurd that the only way it's gained traction is by demonizing and punishing people for pointing out that absurdity.

Freedom of speech and expression are cornerstones of a democratic society.  

They are fundamental to our ability to argue for good ideas and to challenge dangerous ideas.

Yet, in order to implement policies which Australians have never voted for, governments and bureaucrats have deliberately stifled the free expression of those advocating for single sex sports and services for women.  

We've seen it in state based anti-discrimination commissions, under which I and many others have been subject to spurious attempts to stop us pointing out that males shouldn't be in women's sports or spaces.  

We've seen it in federal court, where the Sex Discrimination Commissioner has argued that sex isn't a biological concept.

An argument which not only conflicts with reality, but with the sex based rights of every Australian woman.

Last week, the taxpayer funded Australian Human Rights Commission launched an extraordinary new phase in their activism, opening a consultation on what it calls trans and gender diverse human rights, but banning 12 million Australian women and girls from participating. 

Gender ideology is a contested concept, which denies the reality of sex, attempts to force women and girls to give up single sex spaces, sports and facilities, and labels us as bigots if we don't comply.

The AHRC knows full well that women in this country and around the world advocating for sex based rights have been subjected to torrents of vile abuse and threats from activists.  

Yet under this consultation they're running, some of those abusive activists will be treated as experts while the women they try to intimidate are blocked from participating.

Rather than adopting a neutral approach to consultation on this issue, the AHRC has designed a consultation which prevents Australian women from making a submission while giving an unchallenged platform to what they call subject matter experts, the ones whose expertise leads them to conclude that it is kind and inclusive to put a male rapist into a women's prison.  

What are the trans and gender diverse human rights that the AHRC refers to? Well, they won't even say. They can't explain why it is a human right for male to enter a women's space, or sport or service.

Not only do they seem to think women shouldn't get a say in whether we consent to this, now they're suggesting we aren't even qualified to comment.

Once again, the elite 1% is saying if you're a CEO or the head of an activist group, your view is noteworthy.  

But if you're an average Australian woman, then your view is worth nothing.

If you're a woman in Australia who believes that a convicted male sex offender shouldn't be able to identify into a women's prison or one of the women in prison who would be put at risk, the AHRC thinks you're not qualified to give your opinion.  

But if you're an activist who has campaigned for that male sex offender to be able to choose to be placed into a women's prison, well, the AHRC will consider you an expert.

If you're a mother who wants your daughter to be able to participate in single sex sport so she can compete fairly and safely, the AHRC doesn't want to hear from you.  

But if you're a male who campaigns for males to be allowed to identify into women's sport, the AHRC wants to hear your views on how women who disagree with you have been radicalized.

When they say, we are unable to accept submissions from non-specialists in this area, as the AHRC does, the non-specialists they are referring to are the 12 million Australian women who have to live with the erasure of women's sex based rights and who are smeared as bigots if we object.  

Once again, under the Albanese government, any views or facts which challenge their narrative are labelled misinformation or disinformation.

Any challenge to gender ideology is childishly labeled as vilification or extremism.

The AHRC should reflect on the reality that you cannot get a more extremist position than wanting women and girls named, shamed and punished simply for advocating for their own sex based rights.

Yet this is exactly the type of witch hunt the AHRC is setting up while blocking millions of Australian women from being able to have our say”.