Australian company offers cash perks to appropriate sex

Australian software company, Salesforce, is offering transgender employees a generous package to enable them to undergo transitioning treatments.

The benefits package worth up to $55,000 will cover treatments such as gender affirmation surgeries and hormonal therapy.

The money will also be available to cover prescription drugs and hair transplant and removal for staff at Salesforce, alongside four weeks of paid leave for employees to take the time they need to recover after gender affirmation procedures.

The benefits package includes $500 to go towards a new wardrobe and $1000 to help employees navigate the legal hurdles of confirming their gender and updating identification documents such as birth certificates and licences.

Counselling services will also be provided to transgender and non-binary employees and their loved ones to help with their mental health along the journey.

The company was already providing similar packages for staff in the US and Canada.

CEO of Salesforce Australian and New Zealand operations, Pip Marlow, said the company also provides perks for home gyms and childcare expenses. She said they want their employees to be able to live as “their authentic self” and it is consistent with the company’s values.

Binary spokeswoman, Kirralie Smith, said it is fuelling fantasy, not fact.

“It is bizarre to think that appropriating the opposite sex is somehow viewed as authentic,” she said.

“The best a person can do is put on a costume, pop pills daily and undergo the mutilation of perfectly healthy body parts.

“They cannot actually change sex. Will this company also pay for the plastic surgery of employees who want bigger breasts or a smaller nose so they can be their ‘authentic self’ as well?”