Apprehension of Violence Order application denied!

The final Apprehension of Violence Order Application against me has been denied.

It has been almost a year since the NSW police came to my home to notify me of several applications made against me because I identified males in female soccer competitions.

The first private application was withdrawn before it even went to court.

The second one, applied for by the police, was withdrawn before the Magistrate just as the application was to be made before the court. The police drew it out for 6 months, we had several mentions and directions hearings before they withdrew it, and no explanation or apology was ever given.

The third application was a private one. It went to a hearing in court last October.

The decision was given by the Magistrate today.

Application denied.

That is 3 from 3!

We also settled out of court with a person who defamed me.

4 from 4.

And last week the NSW Civil and Administrative tribunal (NCAT) dismissed a vilification case against me.

5 from 5.

There is still one vilification complaint before NCAT but it will likely be dismissed as well due to the intervention of the NSW Attorney-General in the previous case.

Here’s hoping for 6 from 6!

A monumental thank you to all who have supported me this far.

But we have not finished yet. There is still so much to be done.

Independent MP Alex Greenwich has a bill before the NSW parliament that could mean a very different result for court cases in the future. He wants to criminalise ‘misgendering’ and speaking the truth about evidence-based biological reality.

Sall Grover also has her landmark case in April to determine whether the Sex Discrimination Act protects sex or gender identity.

So let’s celebrate today, but set our faces like flint tomorrow to ensure the victories continue.