Another violent male claims to be a woman

More and more we’re seeing examples of violent men trying to take advantage of self-ID laws to access women’s spaces.

In this case, a woman was violently attacked by a male in a ladies toilet after he said he could be there because identifies as female.

Ian Bullock, 39, subjected his victim to a 'vile' attack after loitering in the toilets at busy Birmingham New Street station. 

The woman, who was on her way to work last March, said she thought it was odd when she spotted Bullock in the loo – but assumed he worked at the station because of a high-visibility jacket he was wearing. 

As she washed her hands, Bullock made a 'beeline for her', British Transport Police said. He bent down next to her as if he was going to pick something up before launching the 'pre-meditated' attack.

The woman called the police and he was arrested. He told the officers he could use the ladies toilets because he is female. The police refused to accept his excuse.

He was convicted of sexual assault at Birmingham and Solihull Magistrates' Court in December. He was sentenced to 16 months in prison and ordered to sign the sex offender's register for ten years. He also was handed a ten-year Sexual Harm Prevention Order which bars him from entering or loitering outside women's toilets, and wearing any type of high-vis jacket other than for a lawful employment purpose.

Detective Inspector Ian Wright said: 'Bullock is a dangerous individual who deliberately changed his clothing in order to loiter in the female toilets undetected and launch this vile, pre-meditated assault on the victim in a space she had every right to feel safe in.

'I would like to commend the bravery of the victim, who faced with an unimaginably awful situation and reported what had happened – meaning officers were able to arrive quickly and arrest him at the scene. 

'Bullock deserves every day of the prison sentence he's been handed.'

It appears that some police and courts may be slowly waking up to the rort of self-identification for transgender.

It is dangerous to allow males to claim to be women, especially if they are criminals. Yet there are males housed in female prisons in the UK, US and Australia, because of ridiculous and harmful self-identification laws.

The Queensland Attorney General is currently pushing hard to introduce these harmful laws. It appears that some MP’s and people in authority are beginning to wake up in the UK.

The issue was raised in the Commons yesterday by Alba Party MP Neale Hanvey. Mr Hanvey said the case and others have 'illustrated the danger and naivety of self-ID'. He added that latest figures for England and Wales show that 97 of the 230 transgender prisoners in England and Wales are being held for sexual offences.

Binary spokeswoman Kirralie Smith said Australian authorities should take note.

“Self-identification laws are harmful and open to extreme abuse,” she said.

“It is happening in prisons, sport and other women’s spaces and services around the country.

“A male cannot become female. His sex was determined at conception and is evidenced in every single cell in his body.

“Appeasing the aggressive gender agender by legalising self-identification is dangerous and must be opposed at every level.”