Another teacher goes behind the parents back, ending in tragedy

Once again teachers have been caught going behind a parents back and transitioning a student without parental consent.

14-year-old Sage Blair changed her name to Draco and was permitted to use the boys toilet after being assisted to transition without her parents knowledge or consent.

Her parents, Michele and Roger Blair said staff at Appomattox County High School in central Virginia acted without their permission.

The couple said teachers effectively sidelined them from supporting their daughter, who suffered from depression, during her at-school transition. Ultimately, they only discovered she was trans after finding a hall pass in Draco's name. 

'Why they didn't tell me or at least request a parents' meeting to this day is just way beyond my understanding,' said Michele.

'This school made a very poor decision that was not in my child's best interest. And it was at the cost of my daughter's mental health.'

There, she was exposed to 'emos', goths, and a panoply of sexuality and gender options. Teachers followed the state's then-guidelines and accommodated her wish to be called Draco, use the male restrooms, and keep her parents in the dark.

After her parents discovered the changes being implemented by the school, Sage ran away and met up with a groomer she had been speaking to online.

Sage, an avid 5' 4'' skateboarder, was not available for an interview. Her parents said in the time she ran away, she was abducted and abused by numerous men in several locations before she was tracked down and rescued by law enforcement.

She was then placed under court protection and spent nearly a year away from her family.  

Sage is back home now, aged 16, presenting as female, and battling her inner turmoil without Draco's trademark streak of blue hair. 

'She has recall in nightmares,' Roger told 'She has a lot of trigger points. Every once in a while, there's normalization.'

Binary spokeswoman Kirralie Smith said schools should never replace the role of parents.

“Schools are for education, not indoctrination,” she said. “Staff are not medically qualified to initiate ‘affirmation’ pathways that begin social transitioning.

“They are not qualified to diagnose or treat underlying issues.

“Social transitioning can lead to harmful and irreversible medical or surgical interventions.

“Parents are far better situated to care for their own children, the state has no right to usurp parental rights to promote a political ideology.

“Children deserve the protection and best care their family can offer without teachers going behind their backs and undermining their care.”