Another Detransitioner files lawsuit

A Canadian woman has filed a lawsuit against medical professionals who only offered her a transgender ‘affirmation’ pathway without considering underlying issues.

After undergoing irreversible procedures such as a double mastectomy and hysterectomy, Michelle Zacchigna, who for a time identified as male, is now detransitioning.

“The Defendants permitted Michelle to self-diagnose as transgender and prescribe her own treatment without providing a differential diagnosis or proposing alternative treatments,” her claim filed in the Ontario Superior Court of Justice reportedly states.

In a blog post, Zacchigna explained that after lifelong struggles with bullies, depression, anxiety, self-harm, and a suicide attempt, the catalyst for her transition came after she was introduced to the concept of gender identity at 21-years-old on Tumblr in 2009.

“It was 2009, six or seven years before transgender exploded into popular culture, and nearly all of the information I got came from Tumblr and LiveJournal,” Zacchigna wrote. “In less than a year and a half, I went from questioning to injecting hormones. I became convinced that being transgender explained my entire life.” 

Zacchigna was ultimately diagnosed with autism, ADHD, and depression, among other mental illnesses, seven years after doctors prescribed her testosterone. 

“Despite this, my identity was, again, affirmed by professionals and not considered something to look further into,” Zacchigna wrote. “Online, I existed in an echo chamber of social justice activism, but I didn’t see that as a bad thing.”

After undergoing the irreversible treatments Zacchigna witnessed her roommate’s detransition, and began to question her own journey.

“Between online false authorities and real life medical ones, I was never exposed to the idea that my worldview might be wrong until my roommate detransitioned,” she wrote. “As he explored why he mistakenly thought he was trans, my own reasons came into question.”

Devastatingly she came to realise the truth that no amount of drugs or surgery could turn her into a man. Now she must live with the side effects for the rest of her life.

“I will live the rest of my life without breasts, with a deepened voice and male-pattern balding, and without the ability to get pregnant. Removing my completely healthy uterus is my greatest regret,” Zacchigna wrote.

Binary spokeswoman Kirralie Smith said there will be many more lawsuits to come.

“Transgender ideology is based on a lie. No one can change their sex,” she said.

“People can dress up, drug up and even have surgery but it doesn’t change biological reality.

“A woman cannot become a man. All she can do is appropriate appearances and stereotypes, but she is still female.”

Ms Smith said most gender questioning people have underlying conditions such as autism, trauma or mental health issues.

“It is far kinder, and honest, to treat those issues before diving headlong into radical and irreversible treatments that do not resolve the original conditions,” she said.

“Too many young people are being sold a dreadful lie that will undoubtedly result in more lawsuits.”