Another Australian woman censored

Jasmine Sussex, a breastfeeding expert sacked from the Australian Breastfeeding Association for refusing to use gender neutral language, has found herself the target of government censorship.

Tweets about an Australian male breastfeeding his infant with a cocktail of lactose-inducing drugs have been removed by Twitter for Australian users but remain visible to overseas users.

Ms Sussex, who has spent decades helping mums breastfeed, was told her tweets this month raising concerns about a biological man inducing breastfeeding “violated Australian laws”, with Twitter removing them locally.

She said she was surprised the federal government would censor debate about the topic she believes is an “unethical medical experiment” on newborns.

Ms Sussex has now put in a Freedom of Information request to the Australian eSafety Commissioner over the decision, saying she believes it was the government agency behind the take-down order.

She said it was “disgraceful” that the eSafety Commissioner was targeting her for raising concerns. “I will not be intimidated,” she said.

Twitter was also forced to remove a story by an overseas publication called Reduxx after the eSafety Commissioner overstepped the mark demanding the magazine remove or heavily censor their reporting on an Australian matter. Now the government agency has acted again to protect another male appropriating womanhood.

In her tweets, Ms Sussex criticised a media article about a transgender woman’s attempt to induce lactation.

In another tweet she stated: “Baby’s (sic) can smell their mother’s milk and turn towards it … #OnlyMothersBreastfeed.”

In Australia, it seems that males who appropriate female stereotypes have more rights and protections than actual women. Speaking out about women’s sex-based rights is increasingly resulting in censorship and penalties.

Sall Grover is engaged in a major legal battle for excluding males from her female only app.

Councillor Louise Elliot has to answer charges of ‘inciting hate’ for defending women’s sex-based spaces.

Moira Deeming has been defamed and expelled from the Victorian Liberal parliamentary party for attending a Let Women Speak event.

I am embroiled in a legal battle for campaigning against males who play in female sporting competitions.

The list goes on and continues to grow in a disturbing trend to censor and penalise women who defend sex-based rights and realities.