An 18 year old woman tries to cut off her own breasts

This is simply horrifying and unacceptable. A young woman who was sold the lie she could change her sex has attempted to cut off her own breasts!

The New Zealand Medical Journal described the attempted mutilation as an “act of desperation.”

The 18-year-old turned up at an emergency department after attempting to perform a bi-lateral mastectomy, also known as top surgery, at home. He was several hours through the procedure when he became concerned he would cause nerve damage.

This was a female, not a ‘he’. This young woman is another victim of an industry created from a false narrative that a person can change their sex via cosmetics and drugs. They cannot.

The young person was facing long wait times for a surgery referral in the public health system and was unable to afford to go private - which can cost up to $35,000.

"This is a clear result of the historical underfunding and inequitable access to gender affirming care around the country," said Jennifer Shields, president of the Professional Association for Transgender Health Aotearoa (PATHA).

No, it is not.

It is a clear result of lying to young people and failing to address the underlying issues that lead to feelings of gender incongruence.

This young woman needed counselling and support, not promises that cutting off perfectly healthy breasts would transform her into a man.

"Research shows that gender affirming hormones and surgeries are essential for the wellbeing of many trans people," she said.

The 388-page, 4 year comprehensive Cass Report says otherwise.

This was an avoidable tragedy.

Politicians and medical practitioners must stop lying – no-one can change their sex and no one is born in the wrong body.

It is time to address the real issues such as Autism, trauma, depression, and eating disorders instead of allowing distraught youth to be deceived into believing their problems would be solved if they just “changed sex.”