Alex Greenwich tables a bill that will erase women and harm children

Independent NSW MP Alex Greenwich has tabled a bill to further erase women’s sex-based rights and do irreversible harm to children who are confused about their biological sex.

The dangerous bill will seek to punish dissidents who refuse to endorse the lie that a person can change their sex.

Self-identification will be legal, with anyone being able to simply say they believe they are the opposite sex and change all of their official identity documents. The lie will become legal and anyone who opposes it will face punishment.

Incredibly, Greenwich said, “[Birth/marriage] certificates are important legal documents...& should reflect a person's true sex.” He then went on to say that a person’s true sex is whatever they want it to be.

He is making a mockery of truth, evidence-based science and reality.

He also wants to criminalise parents seeking out watchful waiting for their own children with his . 

Parents, and health practitioners, will risk prosecution if they seek treatments that affirm reality instead of lies. They won’t be permitted to leave the state to encourage their own children to accept reality; instead they will be forced to hand their children over to pathways that cause irreversible harm.

It will be illegal to refuse a child’s confusion. It will be illegal to refuse them a medicalised pathway that will render them sterile and without sexual function.

Men will have even greater access to women’s sport, changerooms, rape crisis shelters, prisons and other services designed for females-only.

Similar bills have already passed in Victoria, Queensland and the ACT. 

These bills must be overturned for the safety, wellbeing and dignity of all Australian women and children.

The bills are mislabelled “conversion therapy bans’. The only conversions going on are the pitiful attempts to convert a person to the opposite sex. Such practices have a 100% failure rate as no one has ever changed their sex.