ABC contradicts itself over trans-activism

The ABC doesn’t know if it is Arthur or Martha.

One minute it claims males who appropriate womanhood pose no threat on the sporting field to women. The next minute they write a puff piece claiming a female who appropriates manhood isn’t safe on a field full of blokes.

19-year-old, Zee Schorsch says she is non-binary and can’t find a place to fit. She works in the footy industry and plays at a state level.

"It is definitely hard exploring your gender when sport is so binary … you're either in a male team or in a women's team in most competitions," they said.

Male and female are scientific terms that denote sex. Zee is female. Just because she ‘feels’ something doesn’t change that reality. Sex is written on every cell in her body.

Zee wants to take testosterone to appear more like a man. She has played in the female class, because she is female, but taking testosterone will make her a drug cheat.

“Taking testosterone in a women's comp pretty much means that you're not able to play because you'd probably go over the top limit for testosterone in a women's competition," they said.

While Zee has a big personality, physically they are quite a small person, so playing in the men's competition alongside much bigger people could put them in a dangerous position. 

"I feel most comfortable playing in a competition with women just based on my size, my strength and my ability," they said. 

"I don't have the same size as a cis[gender] man would … I'd probably get crushed in the men's comp."

Exactly. So why does the ABC along with other hard-core activists lobby so hard to allow male bodied people to participate as women? It is dangerous and unfair.

If women want to take testosterone then it is unfair to pit them against other female athletes.

The only solution is no drugs and play according to biology, or create a third option.

Non-binary, open or mixed competitions can, and in some cases do, exist. The addition of these kinds of categories ensure the safety, fairness and integrity of women’s sport.

Sport must be played by the rules to ensure fairness and safety. Breaking the rules because of a person’s feelings is not a warranted option.