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New disinformation laws | Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development, Communications and the Arts 

The Albanese Labor government are set to propose a new bill that will make them the definers of what is true.

The Australian Communications Legislation Amendment (Combatting Misinformation and Disinformation) Bill 2023 will grant power to the Australian Communications & Media Authority to penalise dissenters of the new truth and shut down groups and individuals on social media like never before.

If your truth doesn’t line up with the government’s version of truth look out – you will be silenced, censored, expelled, and even punished.

Remember this is coming from a government who believe women can have a penis.

Chris Baxter, a self-described Christian, husband, father to 3, patent attorney, and philanthropic advisor, read the bill and compiled a thread on twitter highlighting some of the dangers of this new bill 👇 

As I read the Bill tonight I have posted a series of Tweets pointing to Clauses people who care about their freedom of speech, people who believe men cannot be women and Christians should be particularly wary about.

Look at the definition of "harm" in the newly proposed Australian "Misinformation and Disinformation Bill".  If this Bill gets past into law, Item (b) will be used to hammer any speech that goes against the Govt. narrative.  End game stuff for digital freedom of speech in Australia.

“Harm” itself is not defined. Despite there already being laws about physical assault, manslaughter, murder and that which causes bodily harm, these news laws will encompass hurt feelings and pit one set of ‘feelings’ against another.

I, and others, are having to already front court for daring to point out men are not women. Under this bill, we will also be guilty of ‘misinformation’ and risk losing our platforms for defending biological reality.

The Australian Govt believes men can be women. There is no way in hell they will regard our public thoughts, stemming from a Biblical worldview, as anything other than misinformation.

The Australian Mis-Dis-Information Bill MUST have an exclusion for religious content.

This is a dangerous bill with far too many undefined characteristics that will land many reasonable people in hot water. Whether it is speaking out about vaccine mandates, the Voice, or biological reality – if you are at odds with the government’s version of truth you will be penalised.

This is not a bill that promotes democratic processes and free speech. It is a bill designed to take us another step closer to a totalitarian regime that holds all the power and punishes all who stand in its way.