“Why can’t women talk about sex?” on 2GB

Journalist and radio presenter Ben Fordham has suggested there may be some ‘fireworks’ this week as eight women gather to speak about women’s sex-based rights

“They hold a Let Women Speak event and they do what they can to stop them from speaking,” Fordham noted.

He went on to ask if the “Why Can’t Women Talk About Sex?” event would also attract a campaign to silence women. 

The 2GB host spoke briefly about each of the eight women, including Binary spokeswoman Kirralie Smith, noting how each has been penalised for their views and activism on women’s sex-based rights.

Fordham invited Liberal Democrats MLC John Ruddick onto the program to discuss the event, which he will do prior to the event on Thursday 22nd June. Ruddick is hosting the women and giving them a safe place to share their experiences and concerns. All NSW state politicians have been invited to listen and respond.