Cycling upholds biological divisions

Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) has made the right decision in re-ordering their cycling categories. Female divisions will now be protected and admit females only, while the men’s category will include open and transgender participants.

The UCI said the move was "necessary to take this measure to protect the female class and ensure equal opportunities." In introducing its ban, the UCI follows other sports as well as national cycling governing bodies such as British Cycling which introduced similar rules in May.

The UCI's statement said that it had "taken note of the state of scientific knowledge, which does not confirm that at least two years of gender-affirming hormone therapy with a target plasma testosterone concentration of 2.5 nmol/L is sufficient to completely eliminate the benefits of testosterone during puberty in men."

"Given the current state of scientific knowledge, it is also impossible to rule out the possibility that biomechanical factors such as the shape and arrangement of the bones in their limbs may constitute a lasting advantage for female transgender athletes," it said.

The UCI reinforced that cycling is for everyone, including transgender people, but that the divisions need to be fair.

Male cyclist, Veronica Ivy took to social media to tweet his disapproval of the policy designed to keep the sport fair for women.

He doesn’t seem concerned about the humiliation it causes for women to have to compete against him. 

Only males can be transwomen, therefore they are not women! 

It is fair and just to have biological divisions and either open or mixed divisions. If he, or other males, don’t like it, too bad. They can compete fairly or not at all.