Women do not have male genitalia

Radical trans extremists are exposing their agenda, and stupidity, with ever-increasing outrageous statements.

American television actor, Indya Moore, is the most recent to make bizarre and offensive claims.

According to Pink News, “The trans star wrote on February 17 that ‘if a woman has a penis, her penis is a biologically female penis’”.

This set off a storm on twitter. Obviously most rational clear-minded people responded with either amusement, shock or ridicule.

This did not deter the actor who continued the lunacy by posting, “The definition of biological literally has nothing to do with gender. It just defines who we’re related to.”

Unable to stand up under the weight of criticism, Moore resorted to insults and name-calling.

Binary spokeswoman, Kirralie Smith, was not surprised by the response. “This actor’s arguments make no sense. Dismissing biology and science for the sake of an ideology isn’t going to cut it with most people. Resorting to insults is a common tactic, but one that is being tolerated less and less by most people.”

In a strange show of support for the weird claims Pink News posted the following on Twitter with a link to the article:

“Trans women are women.

So trans women's bodies are women's bodies.

So trans women's penises are women's penises.”

Smith responded to the Tweet with:

“Nup. Women won't be erased or discriminated against so easily.

Trans women are NOT women

So trans women's bodies are NOT women's bodies

So trans women's penises are NOT women's penises

It is not rocket science - just science. Women don't have penises, blokes do.”