Will using Olay cause women to grow a beard?

This sponsored ad by Olay appeared on my Facebook feed over the weekend. So 2020 don’t you think?

It makes you wonder if Olay even know who their customers are.

Most women do not want to look like a hairy faced, caked-on make-up made up fella.

In the past Olay have especially targeted middle-aged women with gorgeous, flawless beauties enjoying life, who appear natural and authentic.

Their latest ad strays a long way from their roots, and their customer base.

Will it be another case of go woke, go broke?

Seriously, how many women want to look like a shiny-faced, hairy man?

It is likely we will be subject to even more ridiculous advertisements such as this one as the new decade rolls out. It would seem that companies like Olay haven’t learned a thing from the Gillette fiasco that lost them billions of dollars in profit last year.

Using radical ideologies will garner attention and get people talking – about how ridiculous and reality-removed these marketing teams are. It is pretty safe to say this attempt is a serious FAIL when it comes to knowing their audience.