Will gender actually be taught as a theory to these HSC students?

The Courier Mail has reported, “HIGH school students will be asked to interrogate different theories about gender as part of a new Queensland elective science subject, psychology.”

This is one of a few new courses to bring Queensland HSC students more in line with ATAR (Australian tertiary admission rank).

The report continued, “The subject, versions of which are already popular in other Australian states, requires students to examine the difference between biology-based ideas of gender — where you are born male or female — and other more fluid social and developmental theories of gender roles.”

It will be interesting to see if these subjects are actually taught as theories or facts.

“The reality is gender and sex have been biologically, scientifically determined for millennia,” said Kirralie Smith, spokeswoman for Binary. “We are currently in a season where feelings are overtaking facts. “Gender” as a social construct cannot be measured or tested. There is no medical test to prove the 72+ variations of gender we are told exist”.

Smith added, “Sex and gender have always been inextricably linked because they are self-evident. My concern is for those students who adhere to science over and above feelings or trends. Will they be penalised or discouraged by their teachers or exam markers for having a dissenting view?”