Why does the Victorian Government hate women?

Taking the word misogyny and turning it back on the leftists who have proven once again they really don't like women.


The misogyny of the Victorian Government is astounding.

They have just passed a dangerous bill with total disregard for women's rights

And safety. Men and even women stood in parliament And were applauded for their stand against women.

They are elevating the rights of men who imitate women over actual women.

It is outrageous.

I am staggered by the willful pursuit of an ideology

That denies science, ignores biological reality and makes an absolute Mockery of historical facts.

Changing the facts on birth certificates

Is a dangerous move, and not just for women.

But it is women who will pay the ultimate price.

The society at large will suffer serious consequences of this social experiment.

Several states in Australia have now made it legal

To make up or rewrite history according to feelings.

Biological science has determined many, many

Differences Between males and females.

Chromosomes, reproductive systems, genitals and hormones

Being the most obvious.

In fact, male or female is written

Into the code of every single cell in our bodies.

No amount of medication or surgery or wilful denial can change that.

The Victorian Government have just passed a ludicrous bill

That says facts don't matter; it's your feelings that matter.

No matter how misguided they are that count

And it is misogyny because men can now dominate women in creative

And lawful ways that dismiss the decades of hard-fought

And won rights that we have campaigned for.

Language, pronouns, quotas, physicality in sport, women's safe spaces

and services are all compromised by this offensive bill.

Men are increasingly stealing women's places in sport.

Men can become women to get around gender quotas.

Many joke about it, but there are several trans in business

Who are winning awards meant for women.

Criminals, male or female can change their identity

To complicate the process in the judicial system.

They're already doing it, with a violent male inmate

Housed in a female prison because he said he's a she.

The consequence of this stupidity will hurt girls in sport,

Women in change rooms, females seeking shelter in safe spaces, and so much more.

But more than anything this bill sets a dangerous precedent

By ignoring biological reality and rewriting historical facts.

The ways made for other outlandish proposals.

Why not change your age, your nationality, your financial status

The exact same arguments used for appropriating sex and gender

Can be used for all of these.

This bill, like the ones in other states, was rushed through

Without community consultation or comprehensive legal advice.

Politicians need to stick to governing for all people, not promoting the ideology of a few.

It is an absolute disgrace.

And if you're as outraged as I am

I ask you to head over to binary.org.au To fight for common sense and decency in our society.