Why do these women hate women?

If anyone can be a woman then no one is.

International Women’s Day is approaching and the Premier of NSW Gladys Berijiklian is hosting a
$1300 per head echo chamber fest with a bunch of women who think gals can have a penis.

So I have asked them to define the term woman.

After all, if you can’t define the term woman how can you identify as one?

I have also asked them if a woman can have a penis.

Surprise, surprise most of them have refused to respond. These elite players think they are above
answering to the public – you know – those of us who pay their wages via our taxes!

NSW Premier Gladys Berijiklian, her minister for Women Bronnie Taylor, Tanya Plibersek, Sex Discrimination Commissioner Kate Jenkins, Natasha Stott Despoja and CEO of the Diversity Council Australia Lisa Annese don’t want you to call them out on this rubbish.

Biology clearly doesn’t matter to them. The science doesn’t mean a thing.

Ideology trumps reality in their sheltered space.

They won’t respond to tweets, emails or phone calls.

I know, I have tried. You should too. Their contact details are in the link.

The best I have received are nonsensical statements along these lines - “anyone who identifies as a
woman is a woman.”

Some of the guest speakers in this echo chamber are even scientists and doctors. I wonder how they
resolve the issue of ideology being more important than their core values of science?

I suspect a few of them don’t believe women can have a penis but they are too scared to state the

I suspect they fear the powerful and aggressive trans lobby who have made cancel culture their
weapon of choice.

They bully, harass, intimidate and cancel anyone who opposes them.

The trans lobby can’t define the term woman, or man, because it would mean their ideology would
fall in a heap.

They rely on out-dated and offensive stereotypes to insist that children who are imaginative are
really transgender.

How many times have you heard the rubbish that a little boy who likes dresses, pink and dolls is
really a girl?

How many times have you heard that teenage girls with body issues and who don’t fit the female
stereotype are boys?

Every kid I know has pretended to be something they are not. It is awesome to watch them ‘live’ in
the moment and pretend through make-believe play. It is a normal and healthy stage of

What I want to know is why aren’t these leaders encouraging kids to embrace who they are? Why
aren’t they telling kids that they can present however they like but no one earth has ever changed
their sex. Not one. Not ever!

Why are these women unable, or unwilling, to define the term woman?

How can you protect women if you can’t define them?

How can you celebrate and champion women if you can’t define them?

Why are they so insistent on sexualising young children with sexual identities and orientations?

Why do they deny science and reality in favour of a radical ideology?

The Future Women conference being hosted by Gladys Berijiklian is not about women – it is about
anyone who wants to be a woman – therefore it is about no-one.

If anyone can be a woman, then no one is.