Who’s feelings matter the most?

A trans-girl deceives a boy into thinking he is really a girl. Now it is a right old mess.

Today I heard the story of a boy who is attempting to live his life as a girl.

He has changed his name, taken hormones, even grown breasts. But he still has his male genitalia.

I will call him Jay to protect the identity of the teenagers involved.

Jay is a young adult. He hangs out with other young adults. Most of his friends are girls.

The girls go out and have sleepovers. They are doing their best to support Jay in his journey and most of the time treat him as a girl. Except when they need to get changed. They ask him to look away. He giggles and says no it is ok, he is a girl. Some of the girls don’t feel very comfortable with that.

Jay goes to parties with the girls and sometimes hooks up with boys who at first think Jay is one of the girls.

One boy who hooked up with Jay, thinking Jay was a girl, and then found out Jay still has a penis.

The young fella is now depressed and suicidal. He knows he is not gay. He would never choose to hook up with another guy.

Yet Jay deceived him into thinking he was a girl.

Doesn’t that strike you as extremely cruel?

The girls who are his friends are confused and don’t know how to support Jay knowing the other young fella has been so deeply wounded by the deception.

Does Jay deserve to be treated with compassion and respect? Yes, he does. He is confused and trying to find his identity in being a girl, something he can never actually be. But does that mean he should be allowed to play charades and deeply wound others in the process?

What about the poor young fella whose life feels ruined because he inadvertently hooked up with a guy, who has a penis but presented himself as a girl?

What about the girls who simply don’t have the maturity and wisdom to deal with such a serious situation?

Lying hurts. It hurts the liar and it hurts those being lied to.

Yet radical gender activists call anyone who refuses to date a trans person transphobic. They insist we should all reject the truth and embrace the lie.

They insist biology doesn’t matter, except when it does to them.

This is not a fictional story. This is real. This is what our teens and young people are having to deal with. Are you ok with that? I am not.