When ID doesn’t identify anyone anymore…

By allowing people to change their sex or gender on official documents, the courts have opened the floodgates. 

It seems we now stand to have any number of untruths recorded as fact on the exact same documents we once held in high regard as rock solid proof of one’s identity. 

As reported by The Sun, a biological woman is taking her case to the High Court in a bid to be identified as her child’s father on the birth certificate.

If successful, the child will be the first in the UK to have no mother listed on their birth certificate.

This would set a dangerous legal precedent with countless implications – not just for Britons, but people all over the world. 

“What is the point of having official documentation of any kind if people can just re-write history and lie on it?” asked Kirralie Smith, Binary spokeswoman.

“Official documentation is heavily relied upon world-wide to accurately identify people.

“Lawmakers must take into account the very real, very unsafe implications such a ruling would have for the rest of society”.