WA taxpayers fund adult entertainment workshop for kids

Headspace and the City of Fremantle are using tax-payer funds to expose under 18’s to adult entertainment. This is from their Facebook page:

In collaboration with headspace and the City of Fremantle, Palmerston is happy to announce the Rising Drag Superstars - Youth Drag Workshop for under 18's.

Are you ready to release your inner drag superstar? Would you like to learn the art of drag including makeup, dance, characterisation, costume design and performance? If so, it’s time for you to discover your drag persona with Fremantle’s first ever drag program! Guest facilitators such as Justin Sider will be available to support you in expressing yourself through drag! This program runs over 8 weeks ending with your very own drag performance.

Drag Queens are not for kids. They are adult entertainers who present sexually explicit content on stage, including nudity and descriptions of sexual acts.

The City of Fremantle, along with Headspace, are promoting this event and have announced ‘Drag King’ Justin Sider will be working with the children.

Here is a sample of what is found on Justin’s public Facebook page. Proceed with caution and the images and language contain graphic content that is available to anyone with a Facebook account.