‘Vile and Dangerous’ paedophile appropriates womanhood

Words matter. Definitions matter. The media and the courts have now reached a stage of total disregard for words and meanings. This seriously impacts the reporting of cases such as this one.

A "vile and dangerous" paedophile who abused four children has been jailed for 22 years.

Jessica Brennan, known as Allan Brennan at the time of the offences, preyed upon the school-aged children between 1998 and 2016.

Brennan, 54, of Bowland Close, Harrogate, was sentenced at York Crown Court on Monday.

Brennan was convicted of attempted rape of a child under 13, assault of a girl under 13 by penetration, five counts of sexual activity with a child, assault by penetration, two counts of sexual assault, sexual activity with a child, and five counts of indecent assault.

When questioned she denied all knowledge, police said.

Brennan is not a ‘she’. He is a vile and dangerous criminal. A male committed these violent and abhorrent crimes. A male with a penis, testosterone and the physical anatomy of a man who is able to penetrate women and children. To refer to this man as a woman is insulting and dangerous.

Will he be imprisoned as a female where he can again assault women? Will his crimes be recorded as a male or female?

Spokeswoman for Binary, Kirralie Smith, said it is beyond comprehension to comply with such lunacy.

“Regardless of his feelings, regardless of political correctness, regardless of his fantasies – he is not a ‘she’ and never will be. It is pure insanity to refer to this rapist as a woman. His feelings do not negate the facts. He may be impersonating a woman, but he can never be one. The law, the police, the prison system and journalists should stick to facts instead of appeasing violent criminals.”