Victoria's most bigoted bill

SHAME on the Victorian government 

I have never heard anything so bigoted, absurd, offensive and downright stupid as the concepts now inscribed as law in Victoria!

The Change or Suppression (Conversion) Practices Prohibition Bill 2020 was passed last night in Victoria.

The oh-so-educated dimwits, also known as politicians, lead by dictator Dan Andrews, denies science, rewrites historical facts and poses great harm to women and children.

On one hand, we needn’t be too shocked by the radical left socialist loving Labor party members. What should shock us all is that ALL but two Liberal party members voted for the outrageously bigoted bill!

Bernie Finn and Bev MacArthur were the only two with any decency, common sense or respect in the Liberal Party. 7 others from the cross bench also displayed the sorely lacking integrity to oppose this bill.

The bill says gender identity is unchangeable and anyone who thinks, prays, speaks or acts otherwise will be subject to harsh penalties.

So even though science clearly says the brain is changeable, these politicians arrogantly think they know better and have condemned vulnerable suffers to a life of daily medications, possible sterilisation, infertility, and mutilation via surgery of perfectly healthy body parts.

EVERY politician who voted for this bill has spat in the face of science, doctors, psychiatrists,  parents, Christians and Muslims!

EVERY politician who voted for this bill has discriminated against women. They have chosen to protect and promote men imitating women in sport, accessing spaces and services that were designed to assist women because of our biological lived experience. These politicians are misogynists, to use their own expression – giving more rights to males than females.

Every politician who has supported this bill have thumbed their nose at homosexuals – insisting that biology is irrelevant. They absurdly think a man can have a vagina and a woman can have a penis – despite homosexuals insisting it is not so. These politicians are homophobic bigots to use their own expression.

What is more devastating than anything though is that EVERY politician who has voted for this bill has neglected the care and rights of children. They have usurped parental rights and put children in danger.

They have paved the way for even more autistic, traumatised, abused or confused kids to go down an irreversible pathway. A pathway that involves taking invasive, artificial drugs for the rest of the lives. Every.Single.Day.

A pathway that could render them impotent, sterile, unable to enjoy sex or bear children. A pathway that could include surgically mutilating perfectly healthy body parts.

Instead of careful and watchful waiting, instead of professional counselling and exploring underlying issues, children will be encouraged to ‘change sex’ – something that is physically and scientifically impossible to do!

SHAME on you Victoria. Shame on each politician and for every person who voted for them. What an absolute disgrace.