Usurping parental rights

How can we stop the indoctrination of our kids by radical gender activists?

Our parental rights are under threat. Radical Gender activists are intent on making sure our children are indoctrinated into their extremist views.

Do you actually know what your rights are as a parent? I mean do you know what you can and can't do, if your kid comes home from school and tells you that they're now calling girls boys?

From Safe Schools, to males in female sporting competitions, to open change rooms and nonsensical pronouns, these activists will stop at nothing in challenging biological reality.

The government has been infiltrated by activists who think they can do a better job than you can at raising your own children.

They employ euphemisms like 'Safe Schools' to promote their radical gender agenda. These programs are not about anti-bullying. They are about imposing a sex-based ideology onto vulnerable kids.

The Queensland Government hides the list of schools that partake in safe schools. The Victorian Government has made it mandatory for all schools.

Do you know what your rights as parents or grandparents are in these situations?

One school in Queensland invited a transgender priest to lecture to an all-school assembly without any parental knowledge or consent.

Other schools are indulging pronoun swapping without the parents even knowing. Some are even referring children for treatment or counselling again, without parental knowledge or consent.

The Human Rights Commission has partnered with Sports Aus to bully parents into submission by advocating for males to compete as females in sporting categories.

Girl Guides even has a policy that says kids can't tell their parents if they're worried about a boy who thinks he's a girl and is in their space.

This is getting way out of hand Parents, Carers, you have rights, but not enough. The government has been usurping parental rights for years and it must be exposed and it must be stopped.

No one can care for your kids better than you can.

No one can educate, inform, and support your children better than you can.

We are confronting this head-on.

It is time to draw a line in the sand and enshrine parental rights into law.

Head on over to to join me as we campaign for what is best for our children.

Let's band together for their sake, and send a strong message to everyone.

Hands off our kids.