US cyclist and surgeon speaks out against transgenders in sport

US cyclist and orthopaedic surgeon Dr Jennifer Assali has spoken out about transgender athletes after “immersing” herself in scientific research.

Assali became the centre of a twitter and media storm after placing third at the UCI National cycling championships and tweeting, “I was the third place rider, it was definitely NOT fair.”


After the initial twitter storm, Assali took a step back to “arm herself with scientific facts.”

The doctor says she was threatened with unspecified consequences if she spoke out for herself and her teammates.

She decided to speak out after experiencing “frustration and depression from keeping it all inside”.

Dr Assali took it upon herself to “analyse and dissect” relevant studies. Her findings confirmed her initial response: biological males competing in female categories do possess an unfair advantage.

You can view her story here: 

Kirralie Smith, Binary spokeswoman, commended Assali for taking a stand.

“As an athlete Assali has every right to feel disadvantaged in the competition. As a specialist surgeon she has the expertise to comment on the data. As radical gender activists have proven by aggressively trying to silence her, Dr Assali has taken a risk by speaking out. I hope more female athletes and health care professionals follow her lead.”

“Biological males participating in female sporting competitions is unfair and in some cases dangerous. It is time for a united voice against this radical agenda.”