UNSW lowers standards with indoctrination instead of education

The University of NSW now has a compulsory course about gender. And not everyone is thrilled about the forced indoctrination.

As The Daily Mail reports, “A compulsory course which teaches students 'a person's sex is not assumed by gender' has been slammed by a pupil forced to take the module. The controversial course which is obligatory for students who are club executives at the University of New South Wales, has been dubbed as the 'gender misconduct' course.”

It appears the course is more about indoctrination than education. Feelings and ideology trump science and biology when it comes to gender according to this university.

The course wades into the political arena to criticise Tony Abbott and students are penalised if they fail to parrot the right answers. Clubs are threatened with disassociation if they don’t conform to the rigid views.

Binary spokeswoman, Kirralie Smith, is disappointed by UNSW’s approach in validating a radical ideology. “This course is all about forced indoctrination,” Smith said, “Disagree or base your answers on a traditional, scientific, biological standard and you will be penalised.”

“Our universities need to be about higher learning, critical thinking and the exchange of ideas. This kind of indoctrination is out of place and completely inappropriate,” Smith emphasised.