Two Australian non-binary Paralympians

Following on from the Tokyo Olympics, the “announce-my-sexual-identity-or-orientation” trend continues. Paralympians have jumped on the bandwagon, with two Australian women seeking publicity for their announcement.

The majority of out LGBTQ Paralympians are women, while there are two athletes on Team Australia who identify as nonbinary – Maria “Maz” Strong, who competes in seated shot put and wheelchair racer Robyn Lambird, according to the list.

Both female athletes claim they are non-binary while still participating in the women’s category.

Lambird uses her Instagram account to promote her political activism. Several posts focus on wanting to be seen as hot and sexy while wearing women’s lingerie. Other posts promote Modibodi, a brand of period undies for women when they have periods. The posts are uniquely female and rely on sexual stereotypes or realities to make sense.

Binary spokeswoman, Kirralie Smith, said athletes should stick to sport, not political activism.

“Whether it is the Olympics or Paralympics, it is clear that females who identify as anything other than female – still end up participating in women’s categories, because biology matters,” she said.

“Label yourself however you like, but it is not newsworthy to announce you are a female in a woman’s category.

“Make Australia proud with your sporting achievements and leave political activism at the door.”