Trolling the Trolls

You make the world a better place

Every time I post something on social media the trolls come out to play.

They hurl insults.

They bully.

They harass.

They conflate issues.

They abuse anyone who stands up for binary gender.

They swear.

They threaten.

Big woop. I don’t care. Petty little attempts to deter you and I from speaking out. All it does is reinforce why you and I need to keep exposing their radical gender agenda.

Trolls demand we stay silent and keep our nose out of their business.

But we can’t

De-gendering marriage, radical gender ideology, rainbow indoctrination in schools, males in female sporting categories, affect us all.

It affects the language we use, the laws that govern us, the harmony in society. It affects the safety of women and children. It brings harm to the youth of our nation.

Drag queen storytime, gender fluidity picture books, the sexualisation of kids… these things are never acceptable. EVER.

Together, we must continue to speak out and expose the insidious agenda. And I know many of you will continue to join me. Thank you. Thank you for your courage. Thank you for your decency and common sense. Thank you for looking out for vulnerable kids. You make the world a better place. Together we will keep on celebrating the beauty of male. And female.