Transsexual against self-declaration

Binary supporter, Kathryn, sent through this submission to a government select committee. While Kathryn is transsexual she does not support self-identification for transgender people. Kathryn is not alone in this but is one of the few prepared to speak out, on the record, to explain why.

“I am a male to female transsexual, fully transitioned many years ago. Women have accepted me in their world and spaces because I am legally and socially female and at least to external appearance, female as well. For that they have my eternal gratitude.

“Having said that, this self-declaration nonsense tends to negate all of the above. I, for one, would not want someone with male secondary sex characteristics in a space reserved for women.

“Yes, I am not totally a woman (sadly) but I am as close as medical science and surgery can make me. Those that just want self-declaration make a mockery of all that I have done and all that women in general have achieved in the world.

“Women’s sport will virtually cease to exist if self-declaration is allowed. The drive for it is from folk who really have no conception of the harm they will do to others if they succeed, and worse, don't seem to care.

“I have gender recognition in both the UK (where I was born) and NZ, which has been my home since 1959.

“My name and sex change is recognised in NZ by my re-issued Citizenship Certificate, and by my proudly carrying a NZ passport which declares my sex as female.

“It must be obvious to anyone how someone turning up dressed as a woman but still having male secondary sex characteristics could jeopardise their safety and case doubt on the authenticity of folk like myself.”

Kathryn’s recommendations are as follows:

“Birth certificates etc. being changed with no evidence of physical changes by those that ‘self declare’ will do nothing but harm.

“The procedure that I went through, which is an application to the court for a ‘declaration as to sex’ required proof of psychological analysis, hormone treatment and surgery, should be reinsated and insisted upon.

“As for sport, no male to female transsexual, even one such as I, should be allowed in women’s sport where the primary criteria are strength and speed. Treatment notwithstanding, transsexuals have an unfair advantage.”

Binary spokeswoman Kirralie Smith commended Kathryn.

“This is a fair and common-sense approach. Males are not females and should not be permitted to self-identify as such,” she said.

“It is unfair and in many instances unsafe.

“People with gender issues deserve treatment and respect, but not at the expense of the biological, sex-based rights of women and children.”