Transgender self-identification is a concern for 100 UK academics

Over 100 UK academics are concerned about proposed new UK laws for transgender people to self-identify.

The Guardian has reported that these academics say, "It is not transphobic to investigate this area from a range of critical perspectives"

The academics come from a broad range of fields including sociology, law, criminology, medicine, psychology, education, history and many more.

The report states, "Members of our group have experienced campus protests, calls for dismissal in the press, harassment, foiled plots to bring about dismissal, no-platforming, and attempts to censor academic research and publications."

For any change of law to be considered both sides of the debate need to be heard. Points of concern need to be carefully considered from experts in the field.

“Changes to law have serious and far-reaching consequences, especially for women and children,” said Kirralie Smith, Binary spokeswoman. “The safety of women and children in women’s prisons, shelters, dorms and change rooms must be paramount,” Smith said.