This ‘transgender puppet’ is just the latest attempt to tell kids their gender is fluid

Young children are being encouraged to explore transgenderism in a new series of videos & educational booklets.

The Jasmin Roy Sophie Desmarais Foundation, a Montreal-based organization, has produced materials featuring a transgender puppet.  The puppet is presented as being of school age.

Originally she was named Julia—but Julia is struggling with her gender, and “feels in her heart she’s a boy and wants to be called Julien.” reports that “the message to children is a simple one: Your gender is not dictated by biology and your body is irrelevant to who you actually are (and it can be changed, anyway!)”

“It is important to note that the underlying premise these educational modules are designed to convey to children is that if their feelings tell them something different than biological reality does, reality must be rejected in favor of these feelings.”

“It would appear feelings have been elevated above parental consent and biological science,” said Binary spokeswoman Kirralie Smith.  “There is no mention of addressing the puppets ‘sadness’ with adult assistance, psychology or counselling – despite these being valid forms of helping young people cope with depression or sadness.

“Instead the focus is on changing your identity according to feelings and insisting that everyone else play along.”