Transgender MP flouts the law

Bavarian MP Markus Ganserer was re-elected last October. But this term he says he will serve as Tessa Ganserer.

"I am a woman with every fiber of my body and now Madam regional MP as well," Ganserer posted on his Facebook account in early January, announcing his intention to sit in parliament as a woman.

RT News reported, “Although Ganserer will appear in parliament in a blond wig and makeup, she will still be referred to as ‘Markus,’ due to a German law that requires two medical opinions, as well as a waiting period of one year, before a person’s name and gender can be changed on official records.”

The President of the Parliament says Ganserer will be treated as a woman even though the law does not recognise him as one.

“The reality is that this MP is a biological male who identifies as a woman. Even the law in Germany does not recognise this MP as a woman,” stated Kirralie Smith, spokeswoman for Binary. “It is quite alarming when law makers, that is the government, is prepared to ignore the actual law. How can they be trusted to do what is best if they blatantly disregard the laws that are in place.”